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At Kraken, all of our barbers are committed to ensuring you look your best. With years of experience and a lot of talent, our in-house teamwork in conjunction to complement each other’s specialties. The textured crop, undercut, fade, fringe and the brush back are all popular styles at the moment, and Kraken Barber Shop is the best in town when it comes to delivering them.

Perhaps you’ve got a clear idea of how you want your hair styled or maybe you’ve got a series of photos to help describe your perfect cut? Alternatively, you may want a little advice when it comes to choosing a krakenbarbers to suit your features, face shape, and hair texture. Whether you’ve got your next style planned to a T or you’re looking for inspiration, we’ll be happy to work with you to create the look you’re after. In fact, our resident barbers are adept at making your chosen krakenbarbers work for you.

Most elevated Rated Barber Shop

Focused on conveying an outstanding domain and top styling, Kraken Barber Shop is the most noteworthy appraised barbershop in Salt Lake City. In case you’re searching for a respectable krakenbarbers to keep up your look or you need to attempt another style, why not contact the group today. Visiting a barbershop ought to be an unwinding and agreeable experience. At Kraken, we do all that we can to guarantee your arrangement surpasses your desires. A well-disposed group, first-class stylists, and a casual salon consolidate to convey a definitive prepping office.

Taking a shot at an arrangement just premise, we guarantee your beautician works with you one-on-one to accomplish the look you’re after. From the exemplary French harvest to the incomparable head shave, we’ll take as much time as necessary to style your krakenbarbers flawlessly. Regardless of whether you’re anxious to attempt new patterns or you basically need a trim, our gifted hairdressers will convey a trim you can be pleased with.

Best Men’s Barber Shop

Barber Shop for mens

Barber Shop for mens

In case you’re searching generally advantageous and most elevated appraised barbershop in Salt Lake City, you’ve discovered it! At Kraken, we’re satisfied to be evaluated the best men’s boutique in Salt Lake City as per Yelp and Google audits. Our customers are the most significant component of our business, so it’s your sentiment that issues. With many 5* surveys and uncommon input, our duty to top styling and unrivaled assistance is clear. Need to know more? Investigate our client surveys now!

Timeless Barber Shop

Timeless Barber Shop has been in business for over 10 years and offers world-class cuts. We are known for our old-school barbershop vibe and top of the line krakenbarbers and styles. Our barbers went through extensive training and have mastered virtually every style. Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look, we’re the barbershop for you!
Arranged in Midvale, Kraken Barber Shop serves the whole Salt Lake City people group. In the event that you live in or around Sandy, Murray, or the Cottonwood Heights, you’re only minutes from the City’s best men’s beauty parlor. At the point when you’re searching for a ‘barbershop close to me’, Kraken’s your answer.

Just as serving neighborhood networks and being a glad individual from the Midvale business populace, we normally welcome clients from further abroad as well. Actually, our heavenly notoriety and unmatched help routinely draw in customers from everywhere throughout the state. In the event that you live in or around Salt Lake City and you’re looking for a men’s krakenbarbers shop salon that can convey the best help and the best trims, why not make an arrangement at Kraken today.


He started the barbershop 4 yrs.’ ago straight out of barber school. Taking his son into the barber school, he realized that was his next step. D. Has a background in web development and graphic design. So this was a mix of perfect and randomness. He still gets to be creative, but more social, so this was his next step. To start up one of Salt Lake City’s best barbershop. The shop might not be on everyone’s tongue, But D. is ok with that. He worries more about making sure that you are taken care of, rather than the barbershop popularity. His clients are the ones that take care of that.
Instead of an opening a shop downtown, where it is oversaturated with barbershops. He decided he wanted to serve all of Salt Lake City, by opening up in Midvale. Kraken Barber Shop sits in the middle of the valley where just about anyone can get to within a 15 min drive. If you live in the Sandy, Murray, and Cottonwood Heights area, Kraken barber shop is near you. You are within minutes of getting the best men’s haircut you ever had.